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Here is a license plate commemorating the 150th Anniversary
of the Oil Industry, 1859-2009.

The petroleum industry began with the August 1859 drilling of the Drake Well near Titusville, Pennsylvania and/or, simultaneously, an unnamed well drilled near Petroleum, West Virginia.
Here is your chance to honor the 150th Anniversary of the Oil Industry by proudly displaying this colorful license plate! The plate has 2-color lettering on a white aluminum background.
Approx. 6" tall by 12" wide
Default color: black and red
Price: $14.95 each

If you've got gas...
Approx. 4.75" tall by 17.75" wide
Default color: silver
Price: $8.95 each

These decals are cut from vinyl that is designed to last 7 years outdoors. Application is easy... simply peel off the transfer tape and apply on the surface. The sticker holds extremely well on almost any smooth surface as long as it is dry and clean prior to application. Can be removed if you so choose in the future (with the proper technique). Note, there is no background on the sticker. Whatever you're going to put it on becomes the background.

Decals are available in silver, blue, black, white, red, or bright medium green. Default color will be shipped unless different color is requested. Other colors can be special ordered at an additional cost.

$4.20 shipping in America - shipping to other countries can be determined. Up to 5 decals can be shipped together with no added cost. Pennsylvania addresses, please add 6% sales tax.

To order, simply send us an email with what you want and your address, and we'll send you a total. We accept PayPal and American checks and money orders. We can send you a PayPal Invoice if you request to pay through PayPal. We're working on a shopping cart checkout system.

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